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:::Life List:::

Where I am so far...

Adopt a dog from the pound | Play craps | Learn to ski powder | Heli-ski | Ski 100 days in a year | Cook a soufflĂ© | Cook Thanksgiving dinner for 20 | Cater someone else's party | Bake an awesome gluten-free coconut cake at altitude | Eat at the French Laundry | Drink a Chateau D’Yquem | Complete a major DIY renovation | Design and build a piece of furniture | Paint a wall in my home bright orange | Learn to run | Finish a marathon | Run a 10K in under an hour | Learn to swim in open water | Finish a triathlon | Climb Mt. Whitney | Climb Mt. Shasta | Climb Denali | Learn to rock climb | Climb a big rock face like El Capitan | Yodel into Yosemite Valley | Read all of Proust | Visit Europe | Visit South America | Visit Africa | Visit Asia | Visit the Middle East | Visit Antarctica | Visit Australia | Trek in the Alps | Travel solo | Learn to speak French | Learn to speak German | Get published (not on my own blog, and ads don’t count) | Keep an orchid alive for more than a month | Learn to grow a really productive kitchen garden | Learn to sew for real | Have our home photographed for a home magazine or real blog | Paint something worth hanging on the wall | Take a photo worth hanging on the wall | Thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail | Skydive | Teach a special yoga workshop | Believe all the stuff I tell people in yoga class | Look and feel better at 50 than I did at 20 | Stop obsessing over minor weight fluctuations | Help others meet their fitness goals | Keep challenging myself until the bitter end | Find my lifelong soulmate | Retire early | Run onto a football field at the end of a game | Watch Cal play in the Rose Bowl | Go to the Super Bowl (preferably with the Packers playing) | Live in a ski town | Live in Berlin | Live in New York City | Get my feet behind my head when I’m 80 | Live to be 80 | Get through life without needing a hip or knee replacement | Leave things in better shape than when I found them


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