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Those of us who have small dogs (oh, heck, all dogs) love to photograph them. And those photos have to go somewhere.

(Key: Blonde dog is Chelsea, aka "Peanut," "Julius" and "Noodle Nugget"; Brunette dog is Bella, aka "Snoopy," "Irving" and "Snuggle Bear." Bella is much more camera-shy.)

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2.5.2011 -- Chelsea goes missing

Where could she be? She's not in her bed. She's not in MY bed. She's not in the office or living room.

Oh wait, there's a rustling in the laundry.


Bella could care less, as usual.

Fall 2010 -- The girls have some dental surgery, and seem unable to hold their tongues in (it's all better now, following some adjustment, but it was funny for a week or two)

8.8.10 -- Mark and Chelsea get nappy.

7.19.10 -- Mark claims that these little "exercises" encourage doggie brain development, and will make the dogs "smarter."

6.4.10 -- Blast from the past (These give you an idea of why Bella is also known around these parts as "Devil Dog.")

5.21.10 -- Chelsea is a punk rocker

5.3.10 -- Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Some of my evergreen favorites...


  1. OH MY GOSH. As a Chihuahua lover myself (on my second one) I could look at Chi pictures all day long! I especially love the one where the tan one is all snuggled up under some clothes. That's what my Minnie does! I have literally hundreds and hundreds of photos of her little head sticking out of a blanket or clothes! Oh how I love these Chi's

  2. I can't stop looking at your darling little ones. Oh how I love little chi's!
    My minnie says hi to your minnie by the way!

  3. The popping eyeballs got a lol out of me. Very cute.

  4. I love the photo with them curled up into dog balls! I must have a billion pics of mine doing the same thing. As soon as they ball up and tuck their little noses into their rears, out comes my camera to stalk them :)


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