{ our first place }

Our old condo in LA, where we lived before we moved to the mountains. Keep scrolling for loads more photos of each room.

:::  {  BEFORE - DURING - AFTER  }  :::

{  Living Room  }

{  Dining Room  }

Kitchen  }

{  Guest Room / Office  }

Master Bath  }

Guest Bathroom  }


  1. Incredibly impressed with how much revamping you've done. I'm heading back into the condo market again. (I owned one when I lived in Boston, but have been renting for the 8 months since I moved to Chicago) and have been debating with myself about whether to buy something that is already turn key or something I can renovate. The latter sounds like so much fun but I feel like I'm probably underestimating the amount of work.

  2. Thanks, Kelly! The key to buying a place that needs work and not going crazy is to think somewhat long-term. You'll drive yourself nuts if you try to do all the work right away. But if you break it up into manageable projects, it's a lot less stressful. (Though don't let any bloggers out there tell you otherwise -- home renovation is inherently stressful on some level, no matter how zen you otherwise are!)

  3. I did vote for you on Apartment Therapy, that's how I got here. I love turquoise and lime together, love the colors you've used. Inspiring stuff.

  4. I love each room more than the next. Great use of color without being over-the-top!

  5. Thanks, Erin! I love your description of the color, and that's exactly our goal in our new place. :-)


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