18 March 2013

i see a red door

... and I want to paint it black.

Yes, friends, it's time for a quote from one of my favorite Stones songs, and also for some daydreaming about exterior updates.

First, let me share this: We love our house. A lot. Just wanted to get that out of the way, since lately I think that saying I want to change something about our house sounds like I don't appreciate what we have. Not true. Love the house. Just want to make it its very best.

So, with that, let me introduce to you, the house we've known for all these years (sorry, can't stop the '60s musical quotes today...):

Our house's exterior in a warmer season

That's the angle I've shown the most on this blog. But here's another angle, and it's slightly less flattering:

We're planning to restain the house this summer, since it needs it, and I'm hoping to go with something a little bit less red. (Thinking either a darker, more modern brown, or a mid-tone brown with less red.) But here's what I'm not loving:

That red door.

And the giant white one.

But what if we painted both of them black?

(Also, are you ready to see the laziest Photoshopping of all time?)

In the long run, I'd love to go with a beautiful metal and glass garage door, but for  now, paint is the more economical option. I'm not totally sold on the black, but I like it better than the white by a big margin.

What do you think? Leave as is or go bold and black?

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  1. I vote for black! (Biased reader, my own front door is black)

    1. I know -- I love your door! I have definitely been thinking about your door in envisioning what ours could be. :-)

  2. I like the idea of the front door and garage being the same; black looks good, as long as you think it will work with the browner house color?

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