29 January 2013

preview: framing

I'm already breaking my promise of posting less often (especially since I've moved up the tutorial on making lip balms and other beauty products at home to later this week), but this one isn't a real post anyway. Just a quick, little preview of some framing I've been doing lately. This grid is the first cluster of artwork I've hung on the wall this month, and there are a couple more you'll start seeing in updated house pics next month. Wohoo.

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  1. Looks really great! This is something I have not mastered - hanging art of any kind, much less in a nice cluster like yours. We need to get on it though, because our house looks a little naked. Can't wait to see your updated pics. I need some inspiration :)

    P.S. I saw your lamp in a magazine (again) the other day!

    1. I soooo hope that the light goes out of vogue soon, or I'll end up hating it. That's why I had to quit reading Young House Love, because they kept using fabrics I'd already hung up or made pillows from. :-)

      In truth, I'd love if we could just hang larger single frames in more places. But to do that, I'd have to stop buying small prints! So this was my "making lemonade" moment.

  2. I love the cluster! It really shows how a collection of small things can really have an impact! Can't wait to see more!

  3. Oh, I have been neglecting my visits here! Looking forward to catching up.
    It seems like you have some great treasures here.


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