28 January 2013

getting more domestic every day

One of the biggest surprises of living in a little town has been how much more creative and inspired I feel every day. (It shouldn't be surprising, I suppose, when we're surrounded by creative people like Heather and Sondrea.) I definitely knew, when we left LA, that I wanted to make more time to cook, sew and get crafty, and I was super excited at the notion of having an office and craft space just for me. What I did not know is how far down the handmade rabbit hole I'd go so quickly.

I've starting DIYing all of my beauty products, so that I know exactly what's in them...

I've been stamping everything I can get my hands on...

...from the cards I described making in this post (which are now for sale at Bespoke in Truckee)...

...to our holiday cards...

...to the labels on the peach jam and lemon curd I made and canned in bulk for the Truckee-Tahoe food swap. (And, oh yeah, canning is also a new thing for me since we moved here.) 

I've also screen printed a bunch of shirts for my old spinning friends in LA...

...baked oodles of gluten-free goodies...

...and put many a finishing touch on our house.

Now I have plans to turn as much of our land (all 1/3 of an acre of it) into a food-producing mini farm (more on this soon), make more things at home from scratch, starting with kombucha (this will be gross and fun!), and even start raising chickens... some day.

I love that my whole mindset has shifted from "We need thing X, where can I buy it?" to "We need thing X, how can I make it? Or if I can't make it, how can I buy it from someone local who did?" It's really empowering to start thinking this way! And just like home DIY, you quickly realize that very little making is actually hard to do; it just takes the determination to learn the technique, and then actually do it.

Want to know more about any of the projects I just mentioned? Let me know, and I'll write a post about it.

What are you DIYing these days? Any new and exciting projects? Share share! 

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  1. I can't wait to hear more about the homemade skin care and lip balm! Especially from someone who is familiar with the same extreme dry/cold climate I'm in :)

    And of course the mini farm. So awesome!

    1. Coming right up! Though, I will say, all-natural moisturizers just don't soak in as well as the synthetic ones, and about once a week I "cheat" with some Aveeno. :-) But I figure that's still better than using petroleum products ten times a day, like I used to!

  2. Yup I would not survive without my Aveeno! I'm at the end of a few tubes and tubs of face moisturizer though and have been stewing about what I can replace them with that isn't full of petroleum. Glad you're on the case :)

  3. Very cool! Could you share how you make your own lip balm? And that jam looks so good :)

    1. Stay tuned for the lip balm recipe! Later this week...

  4. Nice to see what you're up to! Looking forward to hearing about the garden.

    1. Thanks, Cindy! I'll share more on the garden soon... or at least my pipe dreams about the garden!

  5. Okay last comment for the day. This is my friend Liz in case you see her around town! http://www.sierrasun.com/article/20130124/COMMUNITY/130129943


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