05 October 2011

guest post: modern ski lodge interiors

For lots of us, fall is definitely in the air. Anybody else craving a little more coziness in your home? Something that transports you into an apres-ski vibe, even if you don't ski? It's chilly and raining here today, and it makes me want to curl up on a big sofa in front of a roaring fire, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, sipping hot cider. I'm craving some ski lodge comfort.

Enter Susi from Design Shuffle, our guest poster today, who's going to share some ideas for getting a cozy ski lodge vibe in your own home, no matter how humble a space it may be. While guest posts can be fun and super informative, I'm not about to hand the reins over to just anybody. So when the folks at Design Shuffle approached me about sharing some ski lodge-style interiors, I had to check them out first. I'll let Susi tell you more about Design Shuffle, but I signed up (find my profile and link up here), and found it a pretty solid resource. So far the pictures seem to come mostly from interior designers' portfolios, but if you frequent the same sites I frequent, you already see tons of DIY decor ideas and on-a-budget updates, and so a few high-end inspiration photos might be a welcome change. For fun, if nothing else. (Full disclosure: I'm not getting perked for saying that.)

So even if you can't curl up by a roaring fire, at least you can enjoy a little cozy eye-candy today, with some definite practical ideas (Hermes throw notwithstanding). Take it away, Susi...

- - - - - -

Hi I’m Susi, a writer for Design Shuffle, a fabulous social media site where design lovers and design professionals can network, share projects and find inspiration. There are tens of thousands of images to browse through for inspiration. For inspiration, I love visiting blogs like Postmodern Hostess, to see what creative projects everyone is doing. I'm excited to be guest blogging about great modern ski lodge interior design. These aren't the old school ski lodges of the past. Modern ski lodge interiors will inspire charming, cozy design for your home. Let's take a look...

Interior Design 

Modern ski lodge interiors are as cozy as traditional lodge interiors, but less about skiing and more about cool lodge style. Cozy throws, like this one from Hermes, artfully displayed firewood and natural wood furnishings can all give a lodge style to any room.

Interior Design 

This living room is at the Fjall Ski Lodge at Falls Creek. Lodge style that you can incorporate into your own space includes antlers and cozy fabrics. Antler chandeliers or wall mounted antlers definitely have a lodge feel.

Interior Design 

Warm woods of lodge interiors look great paired with earth tones and creamy whites. Antlers make great lodge style accessories.

Interior Design 

Based on Scandinavian and mid-century design, this contemporary ski lodge dining room is all about pale colors and sleek lines. Introduce pale woods, reclaimed wood and pale grey to get this look.

Interior Design 

This super contemporary ski lodge bedroom design, from the White Pods resort in Switzerland, has some great lodge design elements that could be transferred to a more traditional room. Faux fur throws and pillows add a luxurious lodge style to a room.

Interior Design 

Modern ski lodge style is about playing with the classic patterns and colors of traditional ski lodges. Using Western inspired textiles in unexpected ways makes them feel more modern.

Interior Design 

Modern mountain style, including ski lodge, is an eclectic mix of styles; tartans mix with sheepskin; leathers mix with wools.

Interior Design 

Even more traditional ski lodge interior designs have modern touches that can translate into your home. Love the birch bark furniture and natural stone? Use these to inspire pattern and palette. If you are craving more interior design inspiration, check out Design Shuffle, where you can connect with interior designers around the world, including San Francisco interior designers and Boston interior designers!

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Thanks, Susi! That second photo, which I've had pinned on Pinterest for a while, always makes me drool. So gorgeous. Also, though all those antlers seem a smidge morbid, I've recently learned from some of the antique dealers at the flea markets I frequent that plenty of antlers are harvested "sustainably" (i.e. without killing anything). You have to ask, but most antlers are cruelty-free. That makes me feel a whole lot better about them, and even makes me think they could make an appearance in our house.

What are you doing to make your space more cozy and ready for chillier temps? What are your favorite tricks for making your home a comfy, cozy place?

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