25 June 2010

master bath breakdown

Completing our brand new master bath in three weeks was no easy feat, and in fact took a few months of research, ordering, otherwise acquiring and planning so that everything was at our fingertips when we needed it. But all of the up-front effort totally paid off, and I will absolutely use this approach in the future (unlike in the guest bath, in which we didn't have things like the light fixtures, proper shower trim or baseboard molding in advance, which definitely set us back at key moments).

The new bathroom

You can read the full new bathroom post here. And you can read about the entire renovation planning process for our most recent master bath revamp and our guest bath revamp (which started out much more hideous) before that here

So here's a rundown of all of the stuff we had lined up (mostly) in advance, as well as the who/what/where and cost of it all. (Note: prices include 9.75% CA sales tax, except when we got something online and didn't pay sales tax... Shhh! Don't tell the IRS!)


Wall and ceiling paint: $73 (SW Duration satin in "Fleur de Sel" on walls, "Extra White" on ceiling, soffit and trim)
Vanity and sink: $450 (Ikea Godmorgon and Odensvik)
Vanity hardware: $17 (Ikea Grundtal)

Sink faucets: $248 (Price Pfister "Vega")
Mirror(s): $60* (Ikea Godmorgon)
Medicine cabinet: $42 (Lowe's standard stock)

Light fixture over sink: $210 (Jonathan Adler "Parker")
Light fixture near shower: $50 (Small halogen fixture)
Toilet: $360 (Toto Eco Supreme)
Floor tile: $139 (White "Nano" 12" porcelain)
Showerhead: $96 (Price Pfister rain can and "S-curve" pipe)

Hangers, hooks and holders: $89 (Umbra "Zen")
Cabinet over toilet: $77 (Ikea Godmorgon)

Magazine holder: $52 (Home Depot "Hanna")

Shower doors: $404 (Home Depot brushed nickel frameless)

Accessories: $87 (Vases and pebbles from Urban Home)
Miscellaneous materials: $273 (baseboard molding, threshold transition, thinset, tile cutter, paint brush, mounting hardware, etc.)

Electrician: $140 (circuit troubleshooting, Brentwood Electrical)
Plumber: $297 (hooking up the sink drains, Borghese Plumbing)
Tile Reglazing: $477 (bright white spray epoxy for the shower, PKB Reglazing)

* Should have only been $38, but we first bought two Ikea Ram mirrors for $10 each plus tax to paint their frames, and when it came out looking too DIY, we went frameless instead

Grand Total
$3641 (just over the $3612 we had estimated)

Frankly, given that we ended up needing to call in the plumber for a cool $300, we ended up having to buy two sets of mirrors because we painted the first set and couldn't return them, and we splurged on the Adler fixture and decor extras, I'm actually more than a little relieved we didn't go over by even more! (Where we really saved was in installing the floor ourselves and deciding not to knock out the soffit. Of course, we had casually hoped to stay under $3000, and we would have come close if we hadn't needed the plumber and electrician... though that money was well-spent, given how complicated the under-sink plumbing ended up being.)

This plumbing is a little too advanced for novice DIYers like us... see how flush it is to the wall, even with the trap splitter and double supply lines? Thanks for figuring it all out, Jason!

(If you're interested in getting an Ikea sink or double sink for your own home, be assured that the sink comes with all of the necessary plumbing fittings. You just need someone who can make sense of it all and modify the drain pipe coming out of your wall to make it work... not so beginner-friendly, especially if you're already a bit skittish around plumbing thanks to the last disaster. And you'll almost certainly have to use the drain that comes with the sink, not the pop-up drain that comes with your faucet of choice.)

This is what the sink plumbing looked like before Jason modified it all

Our goal was to have a bathroom that we love (success on that count), but also to add value to our condo (unknown, but hopeful). We definitely feel like we got a lot for our $3600 investment, and just hope some future buyer agrees!


  1. Thanks, Ashley! Keep it up in the garden... unlike design, it's cheap and easy to start over, and there's always next year. ;-)

  2. Looks great! We are doing our master bath remodel now- and I too have a checklist and have bought everything in preparation. One of these items was the sink and vanity. We got the single vessel with double faucets but otherwise the same from IKEA. Unlike you- we don't trust ourselves to do the work at ALL. We are having the whole bathroom done for us, but I did notice the issues online about the sink and vanity regarding the pipe sizing. Another issue seems that it will be the faucets (non ikea) so I guess the holes will also have to be made larger to fit American/non IKEA faucets. I had contemplating returning it but like you- I haven't been able to find anything else I liked that wasn't at least 2K-(for the sink and vanity!) I love what you did, it looks great, and congrats at the DIY. Your post made me think that the plumber and contractor should have no problem being able to finagle this being professionals. I think most people's issues have been trying to install it themselves.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Megan -- DIY is not nearly as tough as you think! It's just patience and trial-and-error.

    To your note about the faucets, we used Price-Pfister Vega faucets, and they fit just fine. But we did remove the base plate first... could that possibly be your issue?

    Do expect the plumber to use a bit of time figuring it out. Ours was very competent, but it still took him a while to get everything flush enough to the wall to be able to get the drawers in with no problem. SOOOOOOOO worth it, though!

    Send your before/after pics when you're done! tanjahester (at) gmail (dot) com.

  4. I'm thinking of putting a medicine cabinet over my toilet as you have done here. I like the flush mirror over the sink/vanity because I have such a small bathroom. Has it caused any problems mounted over the toilet? Any regrets? Thanks!!

  5. No regrets at all. I love the cabinet over the toilet. The Ikea model that we got is not very deep, so it doesn't feel like it's looming or get in the way. And since it's white, it doesn't add visual weight to the room, which is key in our petite master bath!

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  7. Hi, we're also considering the Godmorgon cabinet for our bathroom, and getting a plumber to hook it up. Now that it's been a year, have you had any problems with your plumbing? I've seen mixed reviews about the installations online, but nothing about how the pipes hold up in actual use. Thanks!


  8. @Lucinda, we still absolutely love our sink and cabinet combo, and have had no trouble whatsoever with the plumbing. The installation was definitely more involved than regular sink drains, but worth it in the long run. I recommend asking your plumber ahead of time if they have experience installing an Ikea drain, and if not, maybe call some more folks. Our plumber probably spent close to two hours just figuring it all out, and we paid for that time. Again, still worth it in the long run. Now if only the sink would clean itself! ;-)

  9. hello, Your bathroom is such an inspiration, so bright and clean. We are looking to renovate our basement bathroom and have the same layout as your bathroom , but with a tub instead. We are using the same Godmorgon vanity like yours, but with a single odsenvik sink, may I ask where you got your vanity legs? is it called grundtal from ikea? they seemed to have discontinued the product. Also, is the Price Pfister faucet just square outside or is it also square in at the base? isn't the hole in the sink round though? how did you get to fit it in? I am using the Price Pfister Portola series for my bathroom and but wanted a more transitional feel. But after seeing your reno, I am rethinking the whole classic look I wanted, we really admire what you guys have done, my hubby is all for the retro and modern look.

    1. Thanks! The legs are also Godmorgon, but it looks like the same ones aren't available anymore. You could always wall-mount the whole thing, which I wish we'd done. As for the faucet, it's a round/square combo, which you can see around the base. But it doesn't matter because it, like all faucets I've seen, is made to sit atop the counter, and just the supply lines run down through the small, circular hole. You really can use any faucet you want! It's only with tub/shower systems, where you have to make sure the brands match the plumbing (as we learned the hard way!). Hope that helps! :-)

  10. Looks great! We're considering the same vanity for our bathroom remodel. What size was your old vanity? Our old vanity was 36". We're afraid +39" for a new vanity till take too much space.

  11. Did you buy the drawer pulls separately for the vanity? Ours didn't come with pulls, but I was thinking of adding them to the vanity. Did you do anything special to attach them? Thanks.

    1. Yep, we attached the drawer pulls as an added step. My husband made a cardboard template to drill the holes so that they'd end up in the right place. :-)

  12. Did you have to cut any of the drawers to accommodate plumbing? Some reported it as necessary to retrofit the US plumbing.

    1. Hi there. We didn't have to cut the drawers at all. We did have a plumber cut the old drain pipe off and attach the new drain that came with the sink, but I wouldn't call it a major "retrofit." Just some plumber time, and it's done. Hope that helps!


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