13 January 2010

the master plan reveals itself

The vision has arrived, and it looks like...

... espresso-toned wood vanity, with white accents...

    ... gray and white carrera marble floor tiles...

        ... brushed nickel fixtures...

            ... white ceramic subway tiles around the tub...

                ... sleek light fixtures...

                    ... light gray walls...

After much scouting of the big boxes, I believe we have a shared vision in mind for both of our bathrooms, each with its own personality but united by the fundamental elements. Mark was quite the trooper on the scouting trips because he, like most normal people, does not enjoy spending hours inspecting all of the various home accoutrements featured in said box stores. While I would not choose to spend all of my time this way, I do get a good deal of satisfaction from exploring all of the options and getting ideas. More than once this weekend, I caught him shooting me a look that seemed to say, "Who are you, and how did I end up married to such a person?"

Interestingly enough, he liked the vanity best that was the first thing I posted from my first scouting trip, the 12" deep espresso cabinet vanity with integrated sink, a bargain at $225. It's a full-size sink but with a very shallow vanity, which will free up a lot of floor space.

P.S. Get a haircut, hippie!

We went to the flooring tiles section and grabbed a bunch of samples, deciding that the white and gray carrera marble looks just swell with the espresso wood.

That was the lightbulb moment. From there, everything else comes together. Tub and shower surrounds in a combo of white subway tile and marble subway tile, incorporating recessed niches for storage. Contemporary faucets and fixtures. Clear glass shower doors. Everything very clean and crisp.

Marble subway tile isn't as expensive as I would have thought, though a shower surround requires a looooooot of it

Delta's Lahara fixtures in brushed nickel, perfect for the guest bath, and a perfect match with the brushed nickel cabinet hardware we bought long ago when the Expo store closed

Check out this super cool coordinating showerhead -- a handheld wand that clicks into a rain shower head

The master bath will get a vanity in the same espresso and white color family, but with a lighter feel.

The Godmorgon vanity from Ikea

Much as I was hating on Ikea in my last post, I really think this vanity is amazing. Those clever Swedes found a way to get the sink drainpipe to run horizontally, so you actually get full use of both drawers, instead of losing half the storage space in the vanity like with most sinks. Using the vanity above, we'll put in what I call the "compromise sink": half single sink, half double sink. If only we had a full 48" to put in a real double sink, but alas we'll settle for a single long sink with two faucets. Just to be sure it would work, we stood in front of it and elbowed each other while making Sonicare noises. It'll do.

The Great Compromise: Ikea's Braviken sink

Because the compromise sink will take away some valuable counter space, we'll put in a shelf above the faucets, like the one here

Ever the thoughtful bunch, those Ikea folks just happen to make that glass shelf in exactly the same width as the vanity: 39" and change.

For the master bath, we're considering a shinier chrome look for the fixtures, though if they make Mark's preferred fixture in a brushed finish, we'd probably opt for that instead.

This very hip faucet is Mark's favorite, the Price Pfister Vega Chrome

Though he is a bit befuddled by the packaging... "One hole or three? I'm so confused?"

It's really a great feeling knowing what we want to do in the rooms. The next step is getting estimates from contractors, so we have a better sense of how much of the work we have to do ourselves, and how much of the work that's easy to mess up (like installing a water-tight tile tub surround and laying down radiant heat coils under the floor tiles) we can afford to outsource.

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