04 January 2010

and so it begins

A new year, and a new set of home projects. After saving up over the course of 2009, we're now ready to do a little renovating, either both bathrooms, or the kitchen, either scenario requiring a good dose of DIY.

The kitchen, as it was when we bought the place. Though we've accessorized it a bit, the ugly pink countertop and tile grout remain, along with the flimsy MDF cabinets.

The guest bath, with the former owner's decor. Again, some accessorizing has improved it, but it's still so... pink.

Right now I'm thinking we'll do the bathrooms, only because the kitchen has so much more potential to bust the bank. So it's time to start gathering ideas.

Our central issue with the guest bath (other than the obvious color problem) is the lack of floor space in a bathroom that isn't actually that tiny. The vanity is just overly large, and the toilet is too long front to back and was placed several inches away from the wall. A new vanity and toilet, along with new flooring and paint, would go a long way in this room.

While looking for ideas, I've come across some pretty comical ideas for saving space in a bathroom. My favorite:

Japanese businessmen sleep in drawers when traveling, so why not put your sink in a drawer?

 And so the search begins. Some ideas that I'm inspired by at the moment...

Needs more storage space, and we can only fit one sink, but great otherwise

I love the idea for the master bath of a narrow countertop that extends over the toilet, though it's a pricier approach

I love this vanity... opens up the room, but still provides good storage and counter space

At least in the guest bath, I love the idea of replacing the yucky old medicine cabinet with a recessed niche

I would prefer a more muted green, but the solid-color walls and calming vibe are nice for a guest bath (and the dark wood would echo the bamboo floors just outside the bathroom)

An affordable pedestal look that includes storage

For the guest bath, a curved shower curtain rod is a must

Perhaps a little too modern for Mark

I like the idea of light-colored cork tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen... durable, comfortable, warm and more eco-friendly than tile or linoleum

I love this color scheme, though it would require cooler-toned flooring than the cork

We love the idea of a freestanding tub in the guest bath, though the wraparound shower curtain can be a bit bothersome. Still, for the occasional use the guest bath receives, it may be worth the function trade-off to get the major style upgrade. (The bathroom pictured is about the size of our guest bath, but looks SO much larger because of the small pedestal sink, and the visible floor space around the tub.)

First fact-finding mission to Home Depot is tonight. The dispatch will follow soon.

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